MMMX-Roulette System Studio MMMX 3.34

MMMX-Roulette System Studio MMMX 3.34



Size:1.2 MB

Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Money Maker Machine Team

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MMMX will play like a roulette robot following your palette (roulette system) so it will do all was set in your palette. By using MMMX you will not have only one roulette system but a lot of roulette systems. Right now, this tool is adapted for more than 80 online casinos.Made Your Own Roulette System with MMMX. MMMX is the Unique Roulette Tool with which the player can implement his own algorithm using the Betting Palette (Roulette System). So the user can create his own roulette system, load and play other roulette systems registered in our palettes (roulette systems) database. All roulette systems registered on our server are stored in an open source roulette format so you can share always them and work in a team on them in order to improve or modify. At this time we have arround 400 ready to use roulette systems and many other are on the way to be released these months and many can come even from you.

Systems: Windows

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